Shoreline Protection

When it comes to your lakeside landscape, protecting your investment is crucial. Proper shoreline protection not only prevents erosion from high water levels, wave activity, and boat traffic, but also enhances the overall aesthetics of your property while providing environmental benefits. At Halonen Landscaping, we take care of all necessary permitting with the relevant agencies, and use a variety of high-quality materials to cater to the unique needs of each site. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service, often working throughout the winter months to ensure your shoreline is ready for a fun-filled summer. Trust us to safeguard your lakeside paradise and enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment is in good hands.


Keeping Organic Shorelines

As research on shoreline protection practices continues to evolve, more nature-inspired approaches are replacing traditional seawalls. At Halonen, we specialize in designing and building organic shorelines that offer a stable foundation, aesthetic appeal, and environmental benefits. Our approach involves combining hardscaping and plantings to effectively protect the landscape from the damaging effects of energy action on the shoreline such as waves and ice buildup.

We carefully select hardscaping materials and incorporate plantings with varying root structures to further stabilize the soil, ultimately creating a stronger and more resilient shoreline over time. Not only does this approach provide an attractive view and protect the landscape, but it also serves as a habitat for beneficial wildlife while deterring unwanted pests like geese from taking over nearby yards. Trust our experienced team to bring your lakeside property to life with a beautiful and functional organic shoreline.

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