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At Halonen Landscaping we offer a variety of services to help your yard look it’s best. Below are some of the services we offer and information about them. If you have any questions make sure to contact us.

Lawn Installation

Pros: inexpensive, requires less watering then sod.
Cons: hard to get 100% coverage, seed/straw can wash or blow away. Longer germination period.

Hydro seed
(most popular option)
Pros: fairly inexpensive, great coverage, looks good, more difficult to wash away.
Cons: takes longer to germinate than sod.

Pros: Instant lawn, requires more watering.
Cons: Most expensive option. Will not work in shady areas.

Landscape Design

The on-site consultation at your home or business allows the designer to see your existing landscape and discuss your current needs and goals. Your input is an essential part of the consultation, enabling an exchange of ideas that help to get your project going in the right direction.

For some Halonen’s clients, the designer spending time answering questions about the your property and sharing ideas are all that is needed to inspire you to gardening success. In many cases, our designer can draw a quick sketch on the spot and send you in to our garden center with a plan list.

For others, the consultation is just the first step. The consultation allows the designer to gather necessary information about you and your property to create a unique landscape plan.

Pavers / Patios / Retaining Walls

Great way to enhance your patio, driveway and sidewalks. Pavers and retaining walls are permanent features that will not fade or rot away. Products available in many sizes, shapes, and prices.


If you like high quality trees,plants and shrubs we carry a large selection of nursery stock. If you like to know that your investment is sustainable in our environment then stop by and see us. Our knowledgable and friendly staff would be glad to meet you.